The Smart AI Assistant Reshaping Collaboration is a productivity enhancer and will act as your go-to personal assistant to help you enhance your life. We are the Jarvis to your Iron Man. A software suite loaded with multi-dimensional aspects of cutting-edge technology to help you shape your workday better and make your life extraordinary. Be it a 1:1 meeting or a large corporate gathering, this one tool takes care of all.

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Auto Meeting scheduling with pre-built agenda templates from our library.

Real-time personalized suggestions and answers, ensuring your meetings are not only efficient but also aligned with your goals.

Dive into post-meeting transcripts to interact with or analyze your conversations, gleaning insights from notes and reflections.

Bonus: Engage with Arcadia AI through real-time voice commands, extracting actions, briefings, and intricate details about your discussions.

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“Transforming the future of conversation: Empower every human with unparalleled communication skills, turning ordinary meetings into divine dialogues.”

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Revolutionize communication by introducing seamless conversations among individuals, teams & organizations.

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The Story Behind the Genius

The inception of Arcadia can be traced back to the visionary minds of three entrepreneurs - Jesse Anglen, Tyson Faulkner, and Prasanjit Dey. Frustrated with the inefficiencies of unproductive meetings and the laborious process of manual note-taking, they embarked on a mission to create a transformative solution. The outcome was Arcadia, a digital companion set to redefine the landscape of corporate gatherings and professional meetups.

Arcadia transcended its role not only as a mere meeting tool; it emerged as a paradigm shift in team interactions, eliminating the need for conventional facilitators such as scrum masters and the burdensome task of note-taking. Its design extended beyond meeting management, aiming to elevate the very essence of collaboration, establishing itself as an indispensable ally throughout meetings in the pursuit of a more efficient, cost-effective, and productive work environment.

With this step taken, meetings evolved into strategic assets rather than necessary evils, and the positive repercussions of heightened quality echoed throughout the entire work culture. Arcadia had not only addressed the frustrations of its creators but had become a catalyst for positive change in the way teams collaborated and businesses thrived.

Alliances & Partners

We've established partnerships with leading technology and infrastructure providers to drive cost-efficiency and productivity. These collaborations help us craft solutions that tackle intricate business challenges, eliminate regulatory hurdles, and foster business growth.