Terms of Use

General Information 

This website is owned and operated by Arcadia, Inc. If you use this website or Arcadia services, you must agree to and follow these "Terms of Use." We refer to these terms and our Privacy Policy as the "Terms." If you don't agree with these Terms, you cannot use the website or services.

Our Services 

Arcadia allows you to record conversations from web meetings or phone calls, turn them into written transcripts, extract key points, and identify trends. All the data you provide is called "Content."

You can use Arcadia by subscribing or through a free evaluation. We aim to keep our services available, but we can't guarantee uninterrupted access.

If you use Arcadia on an evaluation basis, the trial ends when you subscribe, we end it, or with no given reason.


 By using our services, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and have the right, authority, and permission to follow these Terms. If you use Arcadia for work, you must also have the necessary permissions to provide content.


 To use our services, you need to register with a user ID, which requires your email address. We can refuse or cancel user IDs.

We protect your personal information as per our Privacy Policy. If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, let us know.

Recording Consent 

You agree to follow the law regarding recording conversations and inform meeting participants or call receivers if you're recording.

Equipment and Charges 

You are responsible for your computer or mobile device's compatibility with our services. You may have to pay third-party fees based on your device's use with Arcadia.

Participant Conduct 

You must use our services responsibly and legally. Don't use them for illegal activities, to infringe on others' rights, or to harm others.

Don't misuse the service, resell it, or modify it. Follow the terms of any third-party services you use with Arcadia.

Arcadia can investigate and take action against users who break these rules.

Commercial Use 

You can't use our services for commercial purposes unless we explicitly allow it.

Fees and Cancellation 

After a free trial, you must choose a payment plan, provide billing info, and pay your charges. If you dispute the charges, let us know within 15 days.

We can change our payment plans and fees, and you agree to the new fees by continuing to use our services.

You must pay all taxes except U.S. income tax.

Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it, and you won't get refunds for unused time.

Arcadia Intellectual Property 

Arcadia and its services are protected by various laws. You can use our services as long as you follow these Terms.

Your Data Ownership and License to Arcadia 

You own your data, but to provide the service, we need some rights. You grant us a license to process and use your data to provide the service.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

 If you think someone's using our service to infringe on your copyrights, tell us. We need specific details in your notice.

Modification of the Terms 

We can change these Terms at any time without notice. We'll try to let you know about important changes. If you don't agree to the new Terms, stop using our services.

Terms and Termination 

These Terms are in effect until you or Arcadia terminate them. You can stop using our services at any time.

We can terminate your account for any reason. Some sections of these Terms will still apply after termination.

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability 

We provide our services "as is" and don't guarantee their accuracy, quality, or availability. We're not responsible for any losses you face due to using our services.

Liability Waiver 

We're not responsible for any damages you incur by using our services. If you're a California resident, you waive the right described in Civil Code Section 1542. If you're from another place, you waive any similar rights.


We value your privacy, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Your Suggestions and Ideas 

If you have ideas to share with us, please understand that they may become our property. Make sure your submissions are legal and don't violate anyone's rights.

Links to Third-Party Websites 

We link to other websites, but we don't endorse them, and we're not responsible for their content. If you have concerns about linked websites, contact their administrators.

Contacting Us If you have questions or want to report any violations of these Terms, contact us at hello@arcadiax.ai


These Terms and associated policies are the complete agreement between you and Arcadia. They can be changed only with a written amendment. These Terms are governed by the laws of California. Failure to enforce these Terms doesn't mean we've waived our rights. If a part of these Terms is unenforceable, the rest still applies. You can't assign your rights under these Terms without our consent. We can assign our rights without notice.