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Google Meet

  • Unlimited Transcription for free!: Register for free to receive unlimited transcriptions and highlights from Google Meet meetings.

  • 99% Accurate Speaker Recognition: Arcadia automatically identifies speakers in the transcript when using Google Meet.

  • Highlights of the meeting: During the meeting, emphasize key messages, key takeaways, and follow-up actions.

  • Download and share with your team: Download and save as Word, PDF, or Txt files to share with your teams.

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  • Post-meeting transcript: After every Zoom meeting, you can import the recording into Arcadia to get a highly accurate transcript.

  • Personalized meeting templates: Templates for personalized meetings: To create consistent records, create your own template with topics and keywords.

  • Auto-generated key quotes: Arcadia’s AI extracts key information based on your template, topic, and keywords to generate auto-generated key quotes. Capture a customer’s or business partner’s exact words for future reference, or edit the notes as needed.

  • Conversation insight management: Arcadia extracts and organizes quotations and assists you in identifying key insights across all of your conversations.

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Microsoft Teams

  • Record and transcribe: Use Arcadia alongside your Teams meeting to record and transcribe your meetings in real-time.

  • Customizable memo formats: Make your meeting agenda template with subjects appropriate for all your meeting kinds.

  • Taking notes with just one click: Taking notes is simple and requires only one click to tag the most crucial portions of the meeting.

  • Edit and distribute: The Arcadia cloud safely stores your conversations. You and your teammates can edit and distribute your memos and meeting transcripts.

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  • Automated Data Entry: Arcadia automates data entry for key contacts by routing recordings, meeting notes, and transcriptions directly to HubSpot CRM.
    (Arcadia automates entering important contact information by sending recordings, notes, and transcriptions to HubSpot CRM automatically.)

  • Meeting Task Automation: Arcadia automatically tracks follow-up tasks for customer calls within HubSpot, facilitating efficient follow-up and revenue growth. 
    (Arcadia helps keep track of tasks after customer calls in HubSpot, making follow-up and revenue growth easier.)

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly within HubSpot using Arcadia, editing and distributing meeting memos and transcripts for effective communication.           
    (Work together easily in HubSpot with Arcadia, editing and sharing meeting notes and transcripts for clear communication.)

  • Centralized Meeting Documentation: Keep meeting documentation centralized within HubSpot with Arcadia's real-time recording and transcription features.

  • Automated Task Creation: Automate task creation based on meeting outcomes captured in Arcadia within HubSpot, simplifying post-meeting processes for increased productivity.

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