Arcadia Zoom Integration

  • is a productivity enhancer and will act as your go-to personal assistant to help you enhance your life. We are the Jarvis to your Iron Man. A software suite loaded with multi-dimensional aspects of cutting-edge technology to help you shape your workday better and make your life extraordinary.

Major capabilities of Arcadia Integration:

  • Post-meeting transcript : After every Zoom meeting, you can import the recording into Arcadia to get a highly accurate transcript.
  • Personalized meeting templates : Templates for personalized meetings: To create consistent records, create your own template with topics and keywords.
  • Auto-generated key quotes : Arcadia's AI extracts key information based on your template, topic, and keywords to generate auto-generated key quotes. Capture a customer's or business partner's exact words for future reference, or edit the notes as needed.
  • Conversation insight management: Arcadia extracts and organizes quotations and assists you in identifying key insights across all of your conversations.
  • Login on Arcadia and Connect Zoom Application
  • Visit Arcadia and Login on Arcadia Platform [LINK].
  • After Login, you will see the below Arcadia Dashboard.

  • Click on the user name and it will show a menu with different options.
dashboard settings
  • Click on the 'Settings' tab.
  • After Clicking on the Settings, you will see a page as below.
  • Click on the 'Connect' Button under 'Zoom' to connect the Zoom Account and click 'Continue'.
connect zoom
  • This will connect your Zoom Account to the Arcadia Application.
  • You should also connect the 'Google Calendar' to create and sync the meetings from the calendar.
  • How to use Arcadia AI Assistant in Zoom
  • Schedule a Meeting with Arcadia
  • From the Dashboard, click on 'Schedule New Meeting' to schedule a new Meeting, select 'Zoom Meet' and enter the meeting details
schedule meeting
  • Choose the AI Model and create the agenda for the meeting
create agenda
  • This will create the agenda of the meeting
agenda created
  • You will be able to view the meeting on the dashboard
dashboard meeting
  • The Bot will join the meeting by the time the meeting is about to start.
  • Impromptu Meeting
  • You can also provide the meeting link by clicking 'Impromptu'; the bot will join the meeting shortly.
impromptu meeting
  • Calendar Meetings
  • You can also create the meetings on your Google Calendar, and the bot will join the meeting when the meeting is about to start.
  • Access the Meeting Analytics and Transcripts
  • When the meeting has started, you will be able to access the Meeting Dashboard by clicking on 'View Dashboard'
live meeting
  • After clicking on 'View Dashboard', you can see the Participants , Analytics , and Transcript of the meeting, and you can choose the AI Model and can ask any meeting query
meeting dashboard