During meeting

  • When the meeting is about to begin, the user can join the meeting by clicking on the “Join Meeting”
  • Clicking on the “View Dashboard” the user should be able to see the participants and their LinkedIn profile analytics (if their email is attached to their LinkedIn)
  • The user can toggle to the Analytics of the dashboard and look at the different stages of questions. The user can also observe the progress of each stage as and when the questions under each are discussed and resolved during the meeting.
  • There is Arcadia Help on the right side of the screen. It helps the host by capturing all the questions that the client asks. The user can pin the important questions by clicking on them. The user can also search answers for to the questions by using the GPT3.5/Websearch search bar at the bottom part of the interface. This way the host can portray proactiveness during the call and be smart.
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